Wettstein, Or Wctetein, Johann Jakob, a Swiss scholar, born in Basel, March 5,1693, died in Amsterdam, March 23, 1754. He became a minister of the national church in 1713, travelled over Europe to examine various manuscripts of the New Testament, and in 1730 published Prolegomena ad Novi Testamenti Grobd Editionem accuratissimam. He was denounced before the council of Basel as an innovator by persons who feared that the received text of the New Testament would be unsettled, and deposed from his ministry, and a decree was issued against his projected new edition. He retired to Amsterdam, and the Remonstrants or Arminians appointed him professor of philosophy and history. The decree of the council of Basel was reversed in May, 1733. His edition of the New Testament, with a critical commentary, was published in 1751-T2 (2 vols, fol., Amsterdam). The readings which he preferred were first embodied in the text of the London edition, published in 1763. Griesbach used his annotations.