William Eustis, an American physician and politician, born in Cambridge, Mass., June 10, 1753, died in Boston, Feb. 6, 1825. He graduated at Harvard college in 1772, and subsequently studied medicine. He entered the American army during the revolutionary contest as a regimental surgeon, and served throughout the war in that capacity, or as hospital surgeon, being for some years stationed at the house opposite West Point in which Arnold had his headquarters. Upon the conclusion of the war he practised in Boston. Between 1800 and 1805 he was a representative in congress, and in 1809 he was appointed by President Madison secretary of war, a position which he retained until the surrender of the American forces under Gen. Hull to the British in 1812, when he was compelled to resign. In 1814 he was appointed minister to Holland, and after his return served again in congress between 1820 and 1823. In the latter year he was elected governor of Massachusetts, and died while holding that office.