William Seymour Tyler, an American linguist, born at Harford, Pa., Sept. 2, 1810. He graduated at Amherst college in 1830, and in 1831 became a classical teacher in Amherst academy. He afterward studied at Andover theological seminary, and was licensed to preach by the third presbytery of New York city in 1836; but, being elected professor of the Latin and Greek languages and literature in Amherst college about the same time, he was not ordained till 22 years later. In 1847 the professorship of ancient languages was divided, Prof. Tyler retaining that of Greek. In 1855 he visited Europe and the East, and in 1869 Greece and Egypt. He has published "The Germania and Agricola of Tacitus " (New York, 1847); "The Histories of Tacitus" (1848); "Prize Essay on Prayer for Colleges" (1854); "Plato's Apology and Crito" (1859); a " Life of Dr. Henry Lobdell, Missionary at Mosul" (Boston, 1859); "Theology of the Greek Poets " (1867); "History of Amherst College " (Springfield, Mass., 1873); " Demosthenes De Corona" (Boston, 1874); and " The Olynthiacs and Philippics of Demosthenes " (1875); besides papers in the " Transactions of the American Philological Association," and contributions to the " Biblical Repository," " Bibliotheca Sacra," "American Theological Review," etc.