William Yates, an English missionary, born at Loughborough, Leicestershire, Dec. 15,1792, died at sea, July 3, 1845. He studied at Bristol college, and sailed for Calcutta, April 16, 1815, as a Baptist missionary. He settled at Serampore, where after the death of Dr. Carey he devoted himself entirely to translating and to preparing text books. He visited England and America in 1827-9; and in 1845 he embarked for England on account of his health, but died on the passage up the Red sea. He translated the whole Bible into Bengalee; the New Testament and most of the Old into Sanskrit; and the New Testament into Hindee and Hindostanee. Among his most important works are: "Grammar of the Sanskrit Language" (Calcutta, 1820); "Sanskrit Vocabulary" (1820); "Essay on Sanskrit Alliteration;" "Introduction to the Hindostani Language" (in 3 parts, 1827); "Hindostani and English Dictionary" (1836); and "Biblical Apparatus" (in 4 parts, 1837). After his death was published from his manuscript an "Introduction to the Bengali Language," edited by J. wmger (2 vols., 1847; reprinted under the title Bengali Grammar," 1864).