Zooloos, Or Amazooloos, a nation of South Africa, constituting a branch of the Caffres. They live chiefly in the elevated country between Natal and Delagoa bay, but many of them are within the bounds of Natal. They are a handsome race, and appear to occupy an intermediate place between the negro and a higher type. Their complexions are brown, and their features are more regular than those of the negro, but their hair is woolly. They are tall and graceful in figure, and noted for strength and activity. According to Livingstone, they are remarkable for their honesty and hospitality; their intellectual endowments are said to be good; they are cheerful and social in disposition, and are not addicted to great vices. With the exception of local differences, the language, manners, and habits of the Zooloos are similar to those of the other Caff re tribes. (See Caffraria.) They are said to have come from the north, and to have conquered their present territory about the beginning of this century. Under a chief named Chaka they overran the country as far as the S. borders of Natal. Chaka was succeeded by his half brother Dingan, and the latter by Panda, a full brother of Chaka. Under these chiefs the Zooloos had a regular military organization, their forces being divided into bands of 1,000 men each, and each band or regiment being distinguished by different colored shields.

It is said that in 1840 they could put 40,000 warriors into the field. Their progress was finally checked by the Boers, and they have now, through the influence of the missionaries and the British colonists of Natal, with whom they have treaties, partly laid aside their savage habits, and live at peace with Europeans.