Zwolle, a city of the Netherlands, capital of the province of Overyssel, on the Zwarte Water and near the Yssel and Vecht, all tributaries of the Zuyder Zee, about 50 m. E. N. E. of Amsterdam; pop. in 1875, 21,329. It is connected with the Yssel by the Willemsvaart canal, has three suburbs, and fine streets, squares, and promenades. The principal church is St. Michael's, with a celebrated organ. The city has a Latin school, a drawing or trades school, a school of navigation, a public library, a museum of natural history, a theatre, large cattle, corn, and fish markets, cotton factories, dye houses, and ship yards, and an extensive trade. Thomas a Kempis in 1400 began his noviceship at the monastery of Mount St. Agnes, 3 m. N. of Zwolle, where he is buried. Adjoining the city is the thriving village of Zwollerkerspel, with more than 5,000 inhabitants. - Zwolle was fortified in 1223, and became a Hanse town. After the expulsion of the Catholics in 1580 it joined the states general. In 1672 it surrendered to Galen, the warrior bishop of Munster. The strong fortifications were razed in 1674, and subsequently restored, but recently they have again been demolished.