Overyssel, Or Overussel, an E. province of the Netherlands, bordering on Friesland, Drenthe, Prussia, Gelderland, and the Zuyder Zee; area, 1,282 sq. m.; pop. in 1873, 260,543. The surface is generally low, but diversified by a few small hills locally called mountains, and in the E. part the soil is principally marshy. Large peat moors are found here, and in other places there are sandy heaths. The best land is near the Yssel, which enters the province from Gelderland, forming part of the boundary between the two provinces. The other chief rivers are the Vechte, Schipbeek, Zwarte Water, and Linde. The Zwarte Water and Yssel are united by a canal. The province contains several small lakes. The principal productions are rye, buckwheat, hemp, fruits, cattle, and peat; and the most important manufactures are linen and cotton goods, wicker ware, mats, and iron. The pasture lands are particularly rich, and cattle breeding and peat digging are the most important branches of industry. Considerable attention is also given to the fisheries and to bee keeping. The climate is moist and unhealthy.

The chief towns are Zwolle, the capital, De-venter, and Kampen.