Cadamosto, Or Ca Da Mosto, Luigi, an Italian navigator, born in Venice in 1432, died about 1480. He took passage for the Netherlands in 1454, but the vessel was forced by contrary winds to put in at Cape St. Vincent in Portugal. Entering the service of Prince Henry, he embarked upon a vessel of 90 tons in March, 1455, for the exploration of the coast of Africa. Having passed Cape Blanco and explored the river Senegal, he continued his voyage southward, and off Cape Verd was joined by two other vessels in the service of Portugal. The three vessels explored the coast as far as the river Gambia, at the mouth of which they were attacked by the natives; they then returned to Portugal. The next year Prince Henry sent Cadamosto with another expedition, which was compelled by a storm to keep off from the coast, and discovered the Cape Verd islands. He then sailed to the Gambia, entered its mouth and traded with the natives, and afterward proceeded as far as the Rio Grande. Upon the death of. Prince Henry in 1463, Cadamosto returned to Venice. He wrote an account of his voyages, El libro de la prima navigazione per oceano a le terre de' negri de la Bassa Etiopia (Vicenza, 1507).