Cecrops, first king of Attica, said to have reigned about 1550 B. C, and represented in the ancient legends as the civilizer of that country. He founded Cecropia, which at a later period became the Acropolis of Athens, and several other places; divided Attica into 12 communities; taught its inhabitants morality and manners, marriage, and the worship of the gods; abolished bloody sacrifices, and introduced agriculture, navigation, ship building, and the culture of the olive. According to some he was of Pelasgian origin, while others say he was the leader of an Egyptian colony from Sais. He reigned 50 years. His merits were commemorated by a monument in the temple of Minerva, in favor of which goddess he is said to have decided a dispute with Neptune concerning the possession of Attica. He was also worshipped in the constellation of Aquarius. In sculpture he was represented as half man half woman, or half man half serpent; hence he is sometimes styledCecrops 040085 twofold.