Cecilia Bohl Fiber, a Spanish authoress, known under the nom de plume of Fernan Ca-ballero, born at Morget, Switzerland, in 1797. Her mother was a Spaniard, and her father, Nikolas Bold von Faber, the son of a Hamburg merchant established in Spain, and the author of Florist a de, rimas antiguas castellanas (3 vols., Hamburg, 1821-5) and Tmtro espanol anterior a Lope de Vega (18-32). The daughter was educated in Germany, and went with her father to Spain in 1817. She was married successively to Col. Planells, the marquis of Arco Hermoso, and Antonio de Arron, Spanish consul in Australia. After the death of the last, in 1863, she was enabled, through the patron-age of the duke de Montpensier, to reside in the royal palace at Seville. She has written on the traditions, customs, and social characteristics of Spain, especially of Andalusia, a series of novels, fairy tales, and ballads. A collection of her works appeared at Madrid in 13 vols., 1860 61, an additional volume at Cadiz in 1862 and m 1866 appeared her Novell* originates.

Her principal productions have been translated into French, and some of them into English Germany translations of her works appeared at Paderborn in 17 vols., 1859-'64.