Charles Do Fresne Du Cange, sieur, a French historian and philologist, born in Amiens, Dec. 18, 1610, died in Paris, Oct. 23, 1688. He was educated in the Jesuits1 college in his native city, and at the age of 13 spoke and wrote •Greek and Latin freely. In 1631 he was admitted as an advocate before the parliament. But from that time he devoted himself to the study of history, and produced the Glossarium ad Scriptores Mediae et Infimce Latinitatis (3 vols. fol., Paris, 1678; new and enlarged edition, 7 vols. 4to, 1844). As a companion to this, he published a glossary of the impure Greek of the middle ages (2 vols. fol., 1688). Both are works of the highest value to the student of mediaeval history, and to the former the Benedictines added at different times seven volumes. Du Cange also produced a Traite historique du chef de Saint Jean Baptiste (4to, 1665); an annotated edition of De Joinville's Histoire de Saint Louis IX. (fol., 1668); and Historia Byzantina illustrata (1680). His published works comprise but a small part of his labors.

His MSS., the number and amount of which are almost incredible, have been collected and catalogued in the university of Paris. A monument was erected to him at Amiens in 1849, and a medal was struck in his honor in 1850. - See Essai sur la vie et les ouvrages de Du Cange, by Leon Feugere (Paris, 1852).