Cherbuiez. I. Antoinc Elisee, a Swiss political economist, born in Geneva in 1797, died in Zurich, March 4, 1809. In 1833 he became professor of jurisprudence, and in 1837 of political economy, at the high school of Geneva, He took part in public affairs in the conservative interest till the revolution of 1848, when he went to Paris, where he continued to oppose revolutionists and socialists. He returned to Switzerland in 1853, and after teaching for some time in Lausanne became professor of political economy in the national polytechnic institute in Zurich. Among his principal writing's, besides many contributions to cyclopaedias and periodicals, are L'Utilitaire (3 vols., Geneva, 1828-30), and Precis de la science economique (2 vols., Paris, 1862). - His brother Andre (born in 1795) has also acquired literary reputation, as well as the younger brother Joel (born in 1806, died in November, 1870). The three sisters, Adeienne (born in 1804), Caro-lixe (born in 1800), and Mme. Tourte-Cherbu-liez (born in 1793, died in 1804), became likewise known by their literary activity, especially the last named, as a writer of popular tales and novels.

II. Victor, a Swiss author, nephew of Andre, born about 1832. He has acquired celebrity by a work entitled A propos d'un che-val, causeries atheniennes (Geneva, 1860; 2d ed., 1864, under the title Un. chevalde Phidias), and a series of novels (1863-'9, mostly first published in the Revue cles Deux Mondes), the most brilliant of which are Le comte Kostia (1863) and Paule Mere (1864). Among his other works are Le prince Vitale (1864), Le roman d'une honnete femme (1866), Prosper Randoce (1867; English translation, 1808), L'Aventure de Ladislas Bolski (1809), and L'Allemaqne politique depuis la paix de Prague (1870).