Chiqimula. I. A department of Guatemala, Central America, lying on the gulf of Honduras, and N. and W. of the states of Honduras and San Salvador; area, about 4,000 sq. m.; pop. about 75,000. The river Motagua, which nearly bisects it, emptying into the bay of Honduras, is its principal stream. San Tomas de Castillo, at its mouth, has one of the best ports in Central America. In 1844 a Belgian colony was established here, but it failed gradually, and in 1854 Guatemala resumed its authority over the settlement, and it is now nearly deserted. Izabal, the only other port of Guatemala, is also in Chiquimula. It is on the south shore of the gulf of Dulce, and can be reached only by vessels of light draught. II. Cliiqnimnla de la Sierra, the capital of the department, about 75 N. E. of the city of Guatemala; pop. about 6,000. It is the centre of an active trade, and maize is raised in considerable quantities in its vicinity. It has a large church and a fountain in the principal square. III. Isthmus of, that part of the department of Chiquimula along the Caribbean sea, extending about 70 m. from the mouth of the river Motagua to the N. W. extremity of the bay of Honduras. The distance from the Atlantic to the Pacific at this point is 150 m.