Chprubusco, a small village about 6 m. S. of the city of Mexico, on the Rio de Churu-busco, at which a battle between the Mexicans under Santa Anna, and the Americans under Scott, was fought Aug. 20, 1847. It contains the massive convent of San Pablo. The road to Mexico is an elevated and paved causeway crossing the river by a stone bridge. The banks of the stream have been raised and planted with trees. At this point Santa Anna took a determined stand after the battle of Contreras, to intercept Scott's advance toward the capital. The Americans carried the place after a sharp action. The engagements at Contreras and Churubusco were fought on the same day, and actually formed one battle. In both actions the American loss was 139 killed and 926 wounded. The Mexican loss was about 4,000 killed and wounded, 3,000 prisoners, 37 pieces of ordnance, many small arms, and much ammunition. The battle of Chapul-tepec, Sept. 13, was the closing action in this campaign. (See Chapultepec.)