Chretien (or Clirestien) DE TROYES, a French poet, born probably at Troves about 1150, died near the close of the 12th or in the beginning of the 13th century. Of his life little is known, except that he was one of the most learned men and gifted trouveres of his day, and that he acquired great celebrity in France, Germany, and other parts of Europe. As some of his works were dedicated to Philippe of Alsace, count of Flanders and Ver-mandois (1168-'91), he is supposed to have been the laureate at that court. Some works written by others have been attributed to him, while some of his genuine works, including Tristan, or Del roi Marc et d'Ysalt la Monde, and the Chevalier a l'epee, are apparently lost. His fame rests upon six romances, which are extant in French libraries, with the exception of Li rornansdou chevalier an Lyon, published by Holland (Hanover, 1802), which served as a basis for Hartmann's Von Ave Iwein. His other works are: Iric et Enide, or Li contes d'Erec (published in Haupt's Zeit-schriftfilr deutsches Alterthum, Leipsic, 1855; reproduced in Hartmann's Von Aue Erec); Lancelot du lac on de la Charettc, or Li ro-mam del chevalier de la Charettc (continued by Godefroy de Laigny, published by Jonck-'bloet, the Hague, 1850); Cliget, chevalier de la tahle ronde. or Licontes de Cliget; and, the most celebrated of them all, Perceval le Gallois, or Li contes del Graal (with continuations by Gautier de Denet, Gerbert, and Manesier). The last two have not yet (1873) been printed; but his Contes del vol Guillaume d'Engleterre were published by Michel in his Chroniques anglo-normandes (3 vols., Rouen, 1840), and served as a basis for O. Schonhut's Historie ron Konig Wilhelm und seinen Sohnen (Reut-lingen, 1852).