Circe, in Greek mythology, a sorceress, daughter of Helios and Perse, and married to a prince of Colchis, whom she murdered. Expelled by his subjects, she was transported by her father to the island of AEaea, off the coast of Italy, where she was sojourning when Ulysses touched there. While the hero continued in his ship, he sent some of his followers to pay their respects to the sovereign of AEaea, and to solicit refreshments for himself and his crew. Circe received them with apparent hospitality, causing food and wine to be set before them. All ate and drank freely save Eurylochus, and. all save he were presently metamorphosed into swine. Eurylochus returned to the ship, and reported to Ulysses what had befallen his companions. Ulysses, who had been rendered proof against enchantment by an herb which he had received from Mercury, hastened to the palace of Circe sword in hand, and compelled the sorceress to restore his followers to their former state. She fell in love with Ulysses, who lived one whole year with her, and she bore him two sons. Before Ulysses left her, Circe recommended him to descend into Hades and consult Tiresias, the seer, in regard to the future.

Upon his return from his visit to Tiresias, Circe received him and his followers kindly, explained to them how to avoid the dangers that were before them, and then dismissed them.