Clearfield, a W. central county of Pennsylvania, situated mostly on the W. declivity of the Alleghany mountains; area, about 1,150 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 25,741. The W. branch of the Susquehanna river bisects it, and near the middle of the county receives the waters of Clearfield creek. Mushannon creek runs along the S. E. boundary. The soil near the large streams is fertile, and on the uplands are good pastures and some arable tracts. The eastern part is much cut up by deep ravines, and is generally too rugged for cultivation. Anthracite coal and iron abound. The forests furnish large quantities of pine, oak, poplar, and cherry, which are conveyed down the rivers by means of rafts. The Clearfield division of the Pennsylvania Central railroad terminates at the county seat. The chief productions in 1870 were 68,724 bushels of wheat, 52,117 of rye, 245,269 of Indian corn, 375,053 of oats, 43,426 of buckwheat, 62,059 of potatoes, 19,928 tons of hay, 451,942 lbs. of butter, and 57,072 of wool. There were 4,497 horses, 5,677 milch cows, 6,454 other cattle, 18,408 sheep, and 8,626 swine; 44 saw mills, 6 flour mills, 6 tanneries, 5 manufactories of iron castings, and 6 of tin, copper, and sheet-iron ware.

Capital, Clearfield.