Daniel Wise, an American clergyman, born in Portsmouth, England, Jan. 10, 1813. He came to America at the age of 20, entered the ministry of the Methodist Episcopal church, and became editor of "Zion's Herald " at Boston in 1852. He had previously edited the " Sunday School Messenger," the " Ladies' Pearl," and the "Rhode Island Temperance Pledge." From 1856 to 1868 he was corresponding secretary of the Methodist Sunday school union, after which he continued to edit the "Sunday School Advocate," Sunday school library books, and the tract publications, and was corresponding secretary of the tract society. In 1872 he retired from regular official duties. His publications include " The Path of Life," " The Young Man's Counsellor," "The Young Ladies' Counsellor," "Pleasant Pathways," " Our King and Saviour," " Uncrowned Kings," "The Glen Morris Stories," "The Hollywood Stories," "The Story of a "Wonderful Life," " Life of Ulric Zwingli," and "Precious Lessons from the Lips of Jesus".