Edward Jarvis, an American physician and statistician, born in Concord, Mass., Jan. 9, 1803. He graduated at Harvard college in 1826, and received the degree of M. D. there in 1830. After practising his profession in several places, he settled in 1843 in Dorchester, Mass., where he now resides. He has obtained distinction by his knowledge and treatment of insanity, but is most widely known for his acquaintance with the statistics of human life. Since 1843 he has published a large amount of valuable matter relating to population, vitality, health, longevity, insanity, education, employments, etc, mostly in the form of addresses, reports, memorials, and articles in periodicals, which if collected would make several octavo volumes. His principal publications are: "Memorial of the Statistical Convention in respect to the Errors of the Sixth Census" (1846); two reports on the " Sanitary Survey of the State of Massachusetts" (1848-'9); "The Production of Vital Force" (1849); " Report of the Legislative Committee on New Hospitals " (1855); " Report on the Insane and Idiots " (1856); " Report of the Committee on the Memorial of the Sanitary Association" (1861); "Report of the Worcester Hospital" (1862-'3); "Report to the United States on the Mortality of the Eighth Census " (1865); "Physiology and the Laws of Health " (1 vol. 12mo, 1865); "Increase of Human Life" (1869); two reports for the United States board of education on the " Relation of Education to Mental Disease " (1872), and the " Relation of Common Education to Common Labor" (1873); "Provision for the Insane" (1872); "Infant Mortality," and two articles in the report of the Massachusetts state board of health (1873); and "Political Economy of Health" (1874).