Elbeuf, a town of Normandy, France, in the department of Seine-Inferieure, on the left bank of the Seine, 13 m. S. S. W. of Rouen, and 63 m. N. W. of Paris; pop. in 1866, 21,-784, and rapidly increasing. It manufactures double-twilled and water-proof cloth, billiard-table cloth, flannels, zephyrs, and light woollens of high finish. It has also dye houses, founderies, machine shops, and manufactories of soap and chemicals. The total value of goods manufactured annually is estimated at nearly $18,000,000. Many of the workmen employed reside in neighboring villages; the whole number is estimated at 24,000. The town has eight artesian wells and six public fountains. There is daily communication with Rouen by steamers, and Elbeuf is connected with the village of St. Aubin, on the opposite side of the river, by a suspension bridge. It has a tribunal of commerce, a library, societies for the encouragement of the industrial arts, etc. The finest churches are those of St. Etienne and St. Jean.