Emperor Of Morocco Sidi Mohammed, born in 1803, died Sept. 20, 1873. He succeeded to the throne in 1859, as the elder son of Abder-rahman, and soon afterward was engaged in difficulties with France and in a serious war with Spain, on account of the depredations of the Rif pirates. The Spanish forces under Prim and O'Donnell achieved signal victories, and the final treaty of April 27, 1860, bound the emperor to pay an indemnity to Spain of 20,000,000 piasters, and to cede her some territory, besides granting her other concessions. He afterward strove to secure the good will of Christian powers by introducing reforms and making concessions to foreigners, which produced such discontent among his subjects that they nearly drove him from the throne in 1862. Yet in 1864 he granted liberty of commerce to all European traders in his dominions, and the result was repeated insurrections. That of 1867, the most formidable, he quelled by attacking the insurgents in person at the head of a powerful army. He was succeeded by his son Muley Hassan.