Evangelinus Apostolides Sophocles, an American scholar, born near Mt. Pelion, in Thessaly, March 8,1807. He studied in the convent on Mt. Sinai, emigrated to the United States, entered Amherst college in 1829, taught school, and was tutor in Greek in Harvard college in 1842-'5 and 1847-59. He was then appointed assistant professor of Greek there, and in 1860 professor of ancient, Byzantine, and modern Greek. He received the degree of A. M. from Yale college in 1837 and from Harvard college in 1847, and that of LL. D. from the Western Reserve college in 1862 and from Harvard college in 1868. He has published " A Greek Grammar" (Hartford, 1838; 3d ed., 1847); "First Lessons in Greek " (1839); " Greek Exercises " (1841; 3d ed., 1848); " A Romaic Grammar" (1842; 2d ed., Boston, 1857, and London, 1866); " Greek Lessons for Beginners" (Hartford, 1843); "Catalogue of Greek Verbs" (1844); "History of the Greek Alphabet, with Remarks on Greek Orthography and Pronunciation " (Cambridge, 1848; 2d ed., 1854); "A Glossary of Later and Byzantine Greek" (4to, Boston, 1860, forming vol. vii., new series, of the "Memoirs of the American Academy "); and " Greek Lexicon of the Roman and Byzantine Periods" (8vo, Boston, 1870), his chief work.