Evangelist (Gr.Evangelist 0600627 well, andEvangelist 0600628 to announce), one who brings good tidings. Hence the writers of the four Gospels are called the evangelists, because they in a preeminent sense declare the glad tidings of salvation by Christ. Evangelists were early designated as a particular class of religious teachers in the Christian church, next in order to the apostles, and under their direction; not attached to any particular church or place, but going forth to preach the gospel wherever they were called or sent, and to travel among the infant churches, ordain their ordinary officers, and finish the work the apostles had begun. The primitive order of evangelists, distinct from other public religious teachers, is supposed to have been merely temporary, like that of apostles and prophets; but the class of duties and services which they performed seems to have fallen more especially on the missionaries of modern days.