Greville , Sir Fulke (Lord Brooke), an English statesman, born in Warwickshire in 1554, died in London, Sept. 30, 1628. He studied both at Cambridge and Oxford. In 1597 he was knighted, and for several years represented his native county in parliament. In 1015 he was made under treasurer and chancellor of the exchequer, and in 1620 became Baron Brooke. His death was caused by a wound received from an enraged domestic who did not consider his services adequately rewarded, He was the author of several works, including "Life of the renowned Sir Philip Sidney" (1652); " A Treatise of Human Learning, in 15 stanzas;" "A Treatise of Warres, in 68 stanzas;" two tragedies, letters, minor poems, etc. There are two collections of his writings: "Certaine Learned and Elegant Workes of Rt. Hon. Fulke Lord Brooke, written in his Youth and familiar Exercise with Sir Philip Sidney" (fob, 1633); and "Remains of Sir Fulke Gre-ville, Lord Brooke" (8vo, 1070). "The Five Years of King James" (4to, 1643), which bears his name, is probably not authentic.