Hadji Khalfa , the surname of MUSTAPHA ben Abdallah, also known under the title of Katib Tchelebi (noble secretary), a Turkish historian, born at Constantinople, died there in 1658. His father was employed in the ministry of finance, and he entered the service in 1622. In 1626 he was present at the siege of Erzerum. In 1629 he made the campaign of Mesopotamia, and in 1633 the pilgrimage to Mecca. Having returned to Constantinople, he undertook his great bibliographical work. He resigned his office in 1642, but in 1648 was appointed khalfa (minister of finance). He wrote in Turkish, Arabic, and Persian. His most important work is Keshf ul-tzunun, a bibliographical lexicon in Arabic, in which are titles of more than 18,000 Arabic, Persian, and Turkish books, with brief notices of the authors. A complete edition of the text, with a Latin translation, was published by Flugel, under the title Lexicon Bibliographi-cum et Encyclopoedicum (7 vols., London, 1835-'58). He also wrote some historical works, of which the most important are, Takwim at-tewarikh (" Chronological Tables," Constantinople, 1733; Latin translation by Reiske, Leipsic, 1766); Jihan numa ("Mirror of the World," Constantinople, 1732; Latin translation by Norberg, Lund, 1818); and Tohfet al-kobar fi asfar al-behar (Constantinople, 1728; English translation by Mitchell, " History of the Maritime Wars of the Turks," London, 1830). His autobiography is appended to the Takwim at-tewarikh, and has been translated into German by Von Hammer.