Heinrich Leo, a German historian, born in Rudolstadt, March 19, 1799. He was educated at Breslau and Jena, and went to Berlin in 1822, where he was an enthusiastic disciple of Hegel. In 1824 he published Entwickelung der Verfassung der lombardisclien Stadte. In 1830 he was elected professor of history in the university of Halle, which post he still held in 1874. In 1863 he was made perpetual member of the Prussian house of lords. In early life he vigorously defended Hegelianism and political liberalism, and in later years as earnestly opposed them. His principal controversial writings against liberal tendencies are: Herr Dr. Diesterweg und die deutschen Uni-versitaten (1836); Sendschreiben an Gorres (1838); Die Hegelingen (1838); and Signatura Temporis (1849). He has also written several works pertaining to Germanic and Celtic antiquities. He has contributed largely to the Evangelische Kirchenzeitung and other periodicals. Among his more important historical works are: Handbuch der Geschichte des Mit-telalters (1830); Geschichte der italienischen Staaten (5 vols., 1829-'30); Zwolf Bucher nie-derlandischer Geschichte (2 vols., 1832-'5); Lehrbuch der Universalgeschichte (3d ed., 6 vols., 1849-'53); Leitfaden fur den Unter-richt in der Universalgeschichte (4 vols., 1838-'40); and Vorlesungen uber die Geschichte des deutschen Volkes und Reichs (5 vols., 1854-'67).