Henry Burden, an American inventor, born at Dumblane, Scotland, April 20, 1791, died in Troy, N. Y., Jan. 19, 1871. He was the son of a farmer, studied mathematics, engineering, and drawing at Edinburgh, and settled in the United States .in 1819. He soon made an improved plough, and in 1820 invented the first cultivator used in the United States. He obtained patents for making wrought spikes in 1825, for horse shoes in 1835, for the hook-headed spike which is used on American railroads in 1840, and for a self-acting machine for reducing puddlers' balls into blooms in 1840, and into bars in 1849. His greatest achievement was his machine for making horse shoes, which was patented in the United States in 1857, and in the principal European countries. It produces from the iron bars 60 shoes per minute. He also invented a suspension water wheel. In 1833 he built a steamboat 300 ft. long, with paddle wheels 30 ft. in diameter; from its shape it was called the " cigar boat." It was lost through the mismanagement of the pilot.

Long before Mr. Brunei, he proposed the construction of gigantic ocean steamers.