Isidore Severin Justin Tailor, baron, a French author of English origin, born in Brussels, Aug. 15, 1789. After studying art he served several years in the French army, reaching the rank of major, and afterward travelled in Italy, Greece, and the East, bringing back rich collections, which he placed in the galleries and museums of Versailles and Paris. He exerted himself to procure from the French chambers the restoration of the principal monuments of the middle ages in France; in 1824 was made royal commissary of the Comedie Francaise; and at the direction of the government twice visited Egypt, and negotiated' the transfer to France of the obelisks of Luxor and other Egyptian antiquities. He was made a senator in 1869. In connection with C. Nodier and De Caillieu, he edited the illustrated Voyages pittoresques et romantiques dans l'an-cienne France (fob, 1820-'54); Voyage pitto-resque en Espagne, en Portugal et sur la cote d'Afrique de Tanger d Tetouan (4to, 1826 et seq.); La Syrie, l'Egypte, la Palestine et la Judee (4to, 1837 et seq.); Pelerinage a Jerusalem (1841); and Voyage en Suisse, en Italic, en Sicile, en Angleterre, en Ecosse, en Alle-magne, en Grece, etc. (1843).