Jean Baptiste Honore Raymond Capefigue, a French historian, born in Marseilles in 1802, died in Paris in December, 1872. He early became a journalist in Paris and a prolific writer on historical subjects, mainly in.the interest of reactionary institutions. Academical prizes we're awarded to his Histoire de Philippe Au-guste (4 vols., 1829) and Histoire philosophique des Juifs depuis la decadence des Machabees jusqu'd nos jours (1833). Prominent statesmen assisted him in the compilation of his Histoire constitutionelle et administrative de la France depuis la mort de Philippe Auguste jusqu'd la fin du regne de Louis XL (4 vols., 1831-'3), and he subsequently published more than 70 volumes relating to various periods of history from Francis I. to Louis Philippe. After the downfall of the latter in 1848, he had no longer access to the archives of the foreign office. A second edition of his Dip\o-mates europeens appeared in 1845, and he published various other works, including several on the history of the Christian church (7 or 8 vols., 1850-'58); Histoire des grandes operations financier es (4 vols., 1855-'8); and after 1858 a series of volumes relating to the mistresses of French kings, or reines de la main gauche, and to female sovereigns, or reines de la main droite, as he proposed to group them together, though many of the volumes were published separately up to within a short period before his death.