Jean Jacques Marie Cyprien Victor Coste, a French naturalist, born at Castries, May 10, 1807. He is noted for his researches in embryology, and for his efforts in behalf of the propagation of fishes in France. In compliance with a report drawn up by Coste and Milne-Edwards, an establishment was organized by the government at Huningue in 1851, from which 600,000 salmon and trout were placed in the river Rhone within two years. Similar experiments in the lake and river of the Bois de Boulogne were commenced by Coste in 1855. In 1862 he was made inspector general of the river and coast fisheries. A member of the academy of sciences, since Feb. 10, 1851, M. Coste has written much on natural history. His Cours dSembryogenie comparee, in 1837, was followed the next year by Otologic du hanguroo, written in reply to letters from Robert Brown. Among his other productions are Instructions pratiques sur la pisciculture (1853; 2d ed., 1856), and Voyage d' exploration sur le littoral de la France et de l'ltalie (1855).