Jesse Buel, an American agriculturist, born at Coventry, Conn., Jan. 4, 1778, died at Danbury, Oct. 6, 1839. He learned the trade of a printer, and in 1813 went to Albany, N. Y., and established the "Argus," a political newspaper, which he conducted till 1821, when he retired to a farm near Albany. The land which he chose had been almost worthless under the system of cultivation hitherto pursued; but by fertilizers and more perfect tillage he made it one of the best farms of the state. He was frequently a member of the state legislature, for a while judge of the county court, and at the time of his death one of the regents of the university. In 1834 he commenced the publication of the "Albany Cultivator," which he edited for six years. He also conducted the " Farmers' Instructor" (10 vols.), and the "Farmers' Companion " (1839). In addition to these publications, he delivered an immense number of addresses upon his favorite subject in almost all parts of the United States.