Johannes Brahms, a German pianist and composer, born in Hamburg, March 7,1833, where his father was a player on the double bass. He was placed at the age of 12 under the instruction of Edward Marxsen, and when 14 played at concerts the most difficult modern compositions as well as classical works of the older masters. He was first brought prominently into public notice by Robert Schumann, who in 1853, in his Neue Zeitschrift fur Musik, predicted for Brahms a great career, speaking of the young composer as " one destined to give expression in an ideal manner to the deepest feelings of the age - one who will present us with the qualities of a master." . Brahms has hardly filled the place that Schumann marked out for him, though his influence upon the musical art, so far as it has extended, has been exerted worthily. He has resided generally in Vienna. His works consist of sonatas, songs, trios, and other compositions for stringed instruments, choruses, and orchestral works.