John Milner, an English Roman Catholic author, born in London in October, 1752, died in Wolverhampton, April 9, 1826. He was educated at Edgbaston and Louai, and in 1779 was stationed at Winchester. His "History, Civil and Ecclesiastical, and Survey of the Antiquities of Winchester" (2 vols. 4to, 1798-'9), led to religious controversy, and he issued " Letters to a Prebendary," Dr. Sturges (1800), and "End of Religious Controversy " (1818), which are regarded by Catholics as among their ablest books. Several answers to the "End of Controversy" have appeared. In 1803 he was made bishop of Castabala and vicar apostolic of the Midland district, and he took an active part in opposing the proposed granting of a veto to the English government on the appointment of Catholic bishops. His other works, chiefly occasional, arc numerous, and include "Notes on Ireland," a life of Bishop Challoner, a supplement to Butler's "Memoirs of the Irish Catholics," and an investigation into the life of St. George.