Jornandes, Or According To The Oldest Mss. Jordanes, a Gothic historian, who lived about the middle of the 6th century. He was at first one of the notaries or rather secretaries of the king of the Alans, who inhabited Mcesia, but became a convert to Christianity, and embraced the monastic state. It has been said, but without proof, that he was bishop of Crotona. He wrote Be Getarum sive Gothorum Origine et Rebus Gestis, which is chiefly an extract from Cassiodorus's lost "History of the Goths." Notwithstanding its many shortcomings and incorrect style, it is an important work. He left also, under the title Be Regnorum et Tem-pornm Successione, a synopsis of universal history, which has been generally printed at the end of his Gothic history. The first edi-tion of the latter is that published by Peutin-ger with Warnefrid's "History of the Lombards " (Augsburg, 1515). It has been frequently reprinted in various historical collections; a correct edition is to be found in Mura-tori's Scriptores Rerum Italicarum; the latest edition, with critical notes, is that of Closs (Stuttgart, 1861).