Julia Brace, a blind deaf mute, born at Newington, Conn.,* in 1806. She lost both sight and hearing at the age of 4 1/2 years, and soon forgot the few words she had learned to speak. In 1825 she entered the American asylum for the deaf and dumb at Hartford, and remained there about 30 years, when she went to Bloomfield, Conn., where she still resides with a sister (1873). As compared with other blind deaf mutes, she seems possessed of only ordinary abilities. In all that concerns outward and material nature she manifests much intelligence. She possesses great tenacity of memory and nice powers of discrimination, being able to distinguish readily articles belonging to different persons. She keeps herself apprised of the progress of time, days, weeks, and months, and notes the return of the Sabbath. In her intellectual education she has made little progress; a few facts have been acquired, but soon forgotten. It is doubtful if she possesses any distinct idea of God, but she seems to have a sense of right and wrong.

She has never been guilty of theft, falsehood, or any deliberate wickedness; and while tenacious of her own rights, she will not knowingly invade those of others.