I. A Greek Grammarian And Sophist

A Greek Grammarian And Sophist, born at Naucratis in Egypt, flourished about A. D. 183. He studied at Athens, where subsequently he taught grammar and rhetoric. His only extant work is the Onomasticon, a dictionary of Greek words classified according to their subjects, with definitions and illustrative quotations from the ancient writers. The first edition was published in Venice (1502); subsequent editions are by Hemsterhuys, with a commentary (2 vols, fol., Amsterdam, 1706), Dindorf (5 vols. 8vo, Leipsic, 1824), and Bek-ker (Berlin, 1846). Kirchhoff's dissertation on Pollux (Berlin, 1874) is valuable.

II. A Byzantine Author

A Byzantine Author, who wrote a universal history, beginning with the creation of the world, and extending to the reign of Yalens; one manuscript is said to continue the narration to the death of Bomanus II. (963). It is a compilation, and is devoted chiefly to ecclesiastical history. There are editions by Bian-coni (fol., 1779) and Hardt (8vo, 1792).