I. Christian, a German composer, born in Minden, Sept. 22, 1755, died in Paris, Aug. 10,1806. He was for a number of years in the service of Prince Henry of Prussia, the brother of Frederick the Great, as composer; and subsequently he officiated as singing master in the academy of music in Paris. He is the author of a number of operas and pianoforte pieces, and of a history of music, not completed at his death, which is considered valuable authority on whatever relates to Hebrew and Greek music. II. Friedrich, son of the preceding, born in Cassel in 1784, died at Enghien-les-Bains, near Paris, June 10, 1849. His musical education commenced at an early age, and was completed in Paris, where in 1802 he gained two prizes at the conservatory. As a pianoforte performer he was one of the most eminent of his time, and his compositions for that instrument are still in great estimation. During several years he resided in England as a teacher, but in 1823 he fixed himself permanently in Paris. Among his works are many pieces of chamber music for a variety of instruments.

He arranged the symphonies of Beethoven for the pianoforte.