Karl Friedrich Burdach, a German physiologist, born at Leipsic, June 12, 1776, died July 16, 1847. He graduated in medicine at Leipsic in 1800, and in 1811 became professor of physiology in the university of Dorpat. Three years later he was transferred to the corresponding chair in the university of Konigsberg. Here he passed the greater part of his life, and performed most of his scientific labor, although he was subsequently attached to the university of Breslau. His writings give evidence of much research and originality, though wanting in simplicity. The most important are: Hand-buch der neuesten Entdechungen in der Heil-mittellehre (Leipsic, 1805); Beitrdge zur nahe-ren Kenntniss des Gehirns, in Hinsicht auf Physiologie (2 vols., 1806); System der Arz-neimittellehre (4 vols., 1807-'9; 2d ed., 1817-'19); Handbuch der Pathologie (1808); Die Literatur der Heilwissenschaft (3 vols., Gotha, 1810-'21); Vom Baue und Leben des Gehirns und Rachenmarks (3 vols., Leipsic, 1819-'25); Die Physiologie als Erfahrungswissensehaft (6 vols., 1826-'40), translated into French by Jourdan (Paris, 1837-'40); Umrisse einer Physiologie des Nervensy stems (1844).