Kate Josephine Bateman, an American actress, born in Baltimore, Md., Oct. 7, 1843. At three years of age she made her debut upon the stage at Louisville, Ivy., as one of the "Babes in the Wood" in a piece of that name; and during the next 10 years, in company with her younger sister Ellen, she acted with great success in many parts of the United States and England. The children developed remarkable talent, and in such juvenile pieces as "The Gay Couple," written specially for them, invariably drew large audiences. In 1856 Kate retired from the stage, but reappeared as a star actress in New York in 1860 in "Evangeline," a drama written by her mother. In December, 1862, she made her first appearance in Boston as Leah, a part peculiarly identified with her, and which she subsequently frequently performed in Great Britain and the United States. In London it was repeated 211 nights in 1863-'4. In October, 1866, she was married to George Crowe, M. D., of London.

In 1872 she appeared in London with marked success as Medea in a play of that name.