Killarney, a market town and parish of Ireland, county Kerry, 44 m. N. N. W. of Cork; pop. of the town (which lies partly in the parish of Aghadoe) in 1871, 5,187. It is an unattractive place, containing several hotels, a nunnery, a dispensary, a fever hospital, an almshouse, and several churches and chapels, including a handsome Roman Catholic cathedral. It is situated about 1 1/2 m. E. of a chain of three lakes famous for their picturesque beauty, and much resorted to by tourists. The upper or southernmost lake is 2 1/2 m. long and f m. wide. It contains 12 islets, and is connected by a circuitous stream with the middle, Muckross, or Tore lake, 1 1/2 m. long. The latter communicates by three passages with the lower lake, called also Lough Leane, which is 4 m. long and 2 m. broad, and contains 30 islands. On the peninsula between the middle and lower lakes are the picturesque ruins of Ross castle, a fortress of the 15th century, and the remains of Muckross abbey. On the W., S., and S. E. shores rise high mountains, separated by wild ravines, through which flow several beautiful springs.

O'sullivan's cascade, near the W. shore of Lough Leane, consists of three distinct falls between high overhanging rocks.