I. Franz

I. Franz, a German composer, born at Rain, Bavaria, April 2, 1804. He studied under the abbe Stadler, and in 1834 became chapelmaster at Mannheim. In 1835 he received the first prize for symphonic composition at Vienna with his Sinfonia passionata, and became royal chapelmaster at Munich. His compositions include symphonies, overtures, organ pieces, masses, oratorios, operas, and chamber, pianoforte, and vocal music.

II. Ig-Naz

II. Ig-Naz, brother of the preceding, born at Rain, Sept. 11, 1807. He was first violinist at the opera and organist of a church in Vienna, and in 1831 became chapelmaster to the king of Wurtemberg. He has written for both voice and instruments, and his works comprise operas, symphonies, ballets, and overtures; but he is best known from his songs.

III. Vincenz

III. Vincenz, brother of the preceding, born at Rain in 1811. He succeeded Ignaz as organist and violinist in Vienna, and has written many admirable compositions for orchestra and stringed instruments, and also concerted vocal music.