Lewis Henry Morgw, an American author, born in Ledyard, Cayuga co.. N. Y., Nov, 21, in 18. He graduated at Union college in 1840, and studied law at Rochester, where he began to practise in 1844, and where he still resides. In 1864 he retired from practice. In 1851 he published "The League of the Iroquois," a full and accurate account of the Six Nations and their institutions. His researches among-the Iroquois led him to observe their peculiar system of family relationship, which he found prevailed also among the tribes of the west, and of which in his ethnological studies he discovered unmistakable traces among the barbarous nations of the old world. This led him to institute investigations in all parts of the globe by means of letters and circu-lars addressed to missionaries and to United States ministers and consuls. The results of this correspondence were embodied in " Sys-tems of Consanguinity and Affinity of the IIu-mau Family," published by the Smithsonian institution in 1870, which Sir John Lubbock pronounced " one of the most valuable contributions to ethnological science which have appeared for many years." In 1868 Mr. Morgan published "The American Beaver and his works, the result of much observation of the beaver in the neighborhood of Lake Superior. in 1861 he was a member of the New York assembly, and in 1868-,9 a state senator.