Lncien Anatole Prevost-Paradol, a French author, born in Paris, Aug. 8, 1829, died by his own hand in Washington, D. C, July 19, 1870. His mother was a celebrated tragic actress. In 1855 he became professor of French literature at Aix, and afterward obtained celebrity as a journalist in Paris. In 1863 and 1869 he was an unsuccessful candidate for the corps legislatif; in 1865 he was elected to the academy over Jules Janin. In the summer of 1870 Napoleon III., whom he had previously opposed, appointed him minister to Washington. The cause of his suicide has been ascribed to his brain being affected by excessive heat, and to excitement at the outbreak of the Franco-German war. His principal works are: Revue de Vhistoire universelle (1854; new ed., 2 vols., 1865); Du role de lafamille dans Veducation, crowned by the academy of moral sciences (1857); Essais de politique et de litterature (3 vols. 8vo, 1859-'63); Quelques pages d'histoire contemporaine (4 vols. 12mo, 1862-'6); and La France nouvelle (1868).