Lucius Mimmh's, a Roman general of the 2d century B. C. He was praetor in 154 B. C. His province was Further Spain, where he met with several defeats, but finally was victorious over the Lusitanians and Blasto-Phoenicians. "When he became consul in 146, the Achaean chiefs, only partially humbled by the victories of Metellus, his predecessor, had assembled an army on the isthmus of Corinth. Mummius took command in person, easily defeated the Achaeans and entered Corinth. The city, almost entirely deserted by its inhabitants, was pillaged and burned. Mummius carried off an immense quantity of spoils, consisting largely of the finest paintings and statuary in Greece. Many of the rarer works he sold to the king of Pergamus, and the remainder he sent to Koine, where such of them as had escaped the perils of the sea were exhibited in his triumph. For his great victory, which completed the conquest of Greece, Mummius received the surname Achaicus, being the first novus homo thus honored for military service. He remained in Greece during the greater part of the years 146 and 145, having in the latter year the title of proconsul. He governed wisely, and respected the religion of the people.

He became censor in 142 with Scipio Africanus the younger; the two men were exact opposite^ in character and culture, and disagreed in everything. Mummius was rustic, rigidly honest, but lenient to others, and died poor.