Marc Bohemond, a Norman crusader, born about 1060, died in 1111. He was the eldest son of Robert Guiscard, the conqueror of Apulia and Calabria, and commanded with distinction in the wars of his father against the Byzantine emperor Alexis, 1081-'5. After his father'a death he was excluded from the throne of Apulia by his younger brother Pwoger, and obtained as his inheritance the city of Taranto. mils of conquest and new glory, he joined the crusaders in Epirus with a large army (1096), and took a prominent part in the capture of Antioch in 1098. He retained possession of this city, and, taking no part in the siege of Jerusalem, endeavored to found an independent principality in Syria. After various adventures he returned to Europe, leaving his kinsman Tancred in Antioch, married a daughter of the king of France, and beginning a new war against Alexis, crossed the Adriatic with 5,(Mid horse and 40,000 foot, assembled from various parts of Europe, and laid siege to Du-razzo. The war, however, was disastrous to the Normans. Bohemond was compelled to conclude a treaty of peace, and soon after died.

His son, Bohemond II., succeeded to the principality of Antioch, which fell under Bohemond VI. in 1268.