Marcos Aurelins Antoninus Caracalla, a Roman emperor, born at Lyons A. D. 188, died in 217. He was originally called Bassianus, but received the nickname of Caracalla from a favorite Gallic tunic which he introduced into Rome, He accompanied his father Septimius Sevefus on his expeditions against the Partisans and to Britain, and on his death at York in 211 he ascended the throne with his brother Geta, but soon caused the murder of the latter, and, according to Dion Cassius, of 20,000 Romans who were his partisans, among whom was the jurist Papinian. He multiplied extortions in order to purchase the favor of the soldiery, gave the right of Roman citizenship to all free men of the empire in order to impose taxes upon their estates, and admitted Egyptians to the senate. He made unimportant expeditions against the Gauls, Goths, and Partisans, and at Alexandria took revenge for some epigrams by a general massacre of the inhabitants. He was assassinated near Edessa on his way to Carrhce, at the instigation of Macrinus, the pretorian prefect, who was proclaimed his successor by the army.