Marie Anne Chateauroux, duchess de, a favorite of Louis XV., born about 1718, died Dec. 8, 1744. She was a daughter of the marquis de Nesle, lost her mother in 1729, and following her example as well as that of three of her sisters, she became in 1742, after the death of her husband the marquis de la Tournelle, the principal mistress of Louis XV., who conferred upon her (Oct. 20, 1743) the title of duchess de Chateauroux, with a large domain and a pension of 80,000 francs. With her sister Mine, de Lauraguais she joined the king during the Avar of 1744, and notwithstanding the insults which were heaped upon her by the soldiers, she followed him to Lille, Ypres, Dunkirk, and Metz, when the king during his illness was prevailed upon to expel her igno-miniously from his presence. After his return to Paris, she consented to he reconciled to him only on condition that her principal persecutors, including the hishop of Soissons and La Rochefoucauld, should he banished from Paris, and that the minister Maurepas, who had addressed her as the incestuous La Tournelle, should make a humble apology. Soon afterward she died suddenly, amid terrible convulsions, charging Maurepas with having poisoned her.

She squandered immense amounts of public money, spent 1,200,000 francs upon her palace at Choisy, and displayed great frivolity and recklessness in other respects. A collection of her letters was published in Paris in 1800, and Sophie Gay wrote a novel entitled Madame le duckesse de Chd-teauroux (2 vols., 1834-'9).