I. Frederick

Frederick, a British author, born in London, July 10, 1792, died at Lang-ham. Norfolk, Aug. 2, 1848. He entered the naval service at 11 years of age as a midshipman on board the frigate Imperieuse, and participated in 50 engagements, in one of which he was severely injured. Ho distinguished himself on several occasions by leaping overboard and rescuing drowning shipmates, for which he subsequently received a medal from the humane society. In1812-'15 he served on t.ie North American coast; and he participated in an action with gunboats on Lake Pontchar-train shortly previous to the battle of New Orleans. In 1829, while commanding the Ariadne in the channel service, he commenced his literary career by the publication of "Frank Mildmay, or the Naval Officer," a novel of sea life, in which many of his early adventures are related. Among his other novels are: " The King's Own" (1830); "The Pacha of Many Tales" (1835); "The Pirate and the Three Cutters " (1835); "Midshipman Easy " (1836); "Japhet in search of a Father " (1836); " Peter Simple " (1837); "Percival Keene " (1837); "Snarleyvow" (1837); "Jacob Faithful" (1838); "The Phantom Ship " (1839)'; "Poor Jack" (1840); "Joseph Ruskbrook" (1841); "Masterman Ready" (1841); "The Settlers in Canada" (1844); "The Mission" (1845); "Children of the New Forest " (1846); " The Privateersman" (1846); "The Little Savage" (1848); and "Valerie" (1849). In 1837 he published a "Code of Signals for Vessels employed in the Merchant Service," which has been adopted in England and other countries, and for which he received the cross of the legion of honor from Louis Philippe. In 1838 he made a tour in the United States, and in 1839 published his "Diary in America," in two series, each of three volumes.

During the last two years of his life he was compelled by the rupture of several blood vessels to desist from all professional and literary labor. Plis "Life and Correspondence" (2 vols., 1872) was published by his daughter Florence (Mrs. Ross Church), who is also the author of several novels.

II. Samuel Francis

Samuel Francis, son of the preceding, born in 1826, died in London, July 12, 1855. He served several years in the British navy, but resigned his commission, and in 1850 established himself in California. In 1853 he returned to England, and published an account of his adventures under the title of "Mountains and Mole Hills" (London, 1855).