Mary Martha Sherwood, an English authoress, born at Stanford, Worcestershire, July 6, 1775, died at Twickenham, near London, Sept. 30, 1851. She was a daughter of the Rev. George Butt. Her earliest work, "The Traditions," was published when she was 17 years old; and in her 20th year she published "Margarita," a fiction. "Susan Grey," "The Beautiful Estelle," and some smaller works appeared prior to 1800. In 1803 she married her cousin Henry Sherwood, a captain in the army, and in 1804 accompanied him to India, where she instructed the orphan children of his regiment. In 1818 Capt. Sherwood returned to England with his family, and in 1821 retired on half pay, settling at Wickwar, Gloucestershire, where they resided for the next 27 years. Mrs. Sherwood's works amount to 90 volumes, including "Chronology of Ancient History" and "Dictionary of Scripture Types." Her best known works are "Little Henry and his Bearer," "History of Henry Milner" (3 vols.), "Ermina" (3 vols.), "Roxobel, a Novel" (3 vols.), and "The Lady of the Manor" (7 vols.). Her memoir, mainly an autobiography, has been published by her daughter.