Matthew Paris, Or Matthew Of Paris (Lat. Matthaeus Parisiensis, so called from his having studied in that city), an English historian, born about 1195, died in 1250. From 1217 he was a Benedictine monk of St. Albans, where he continued the Flares Historiarum of Roger of Wendover from 1235 to 1259, adding a nearly equal amount of his own to the original. This, known as the Historia Major, was first printed by Archbishop Parker in 1571, and an edition by Dr. William Watts (fob, London, 1640; Paris, 1644). Matthew Paris made a compilation from it, extending from 1066 to 1253,, known as the Historia Minor, the Chro-nicon, and the Liber Chronicorum, which Sir Frederick Madden published under the title Historia Anglorum (London, 1866), from the original in the British museum. An original manuscript of the Flores Historiarum, discovered in the Chetham library at Manchester, ac-cording to Sir Francis Madden, settles bevond doubt that the largest portion of that work, attributed to "the pseudo Matthew of Westminster," was written at St. Albans, under the eye of Matthew Paris, as an abridgment of his "Greater Chronicle," and the text from the close of 1241 to 1249 is in his own handwriting.

It was continued by monks of St. Albans to 1265, and to 1325 at Westminster, whence the name Matthew of Westminster, otherwise unknown, became attached to it. The Historia Major has been translated into Knghsh by the Rev. J. A. Giles (5 vols. 8vo, London, 1849-'54), and the Flores Historiarum by C. D Yonge (2 vols. 8vo, 1853).